Aqua Band Screen

Aqua Band Screen

  • Exceptional Capture Rate
  • Premium Engineered Plastics to Outlast other Screens in Harsh Grit Applications
  • No Internal Drive Shafts, No Submerged Bearings or Fasteners and No Brushes


Aqua Bandscreen - Screening Removal System

The AQUA BAND screen offers an efficient method of filtering and removal of unwanted solids designed specifically for primary waste water inlet treatment.

The thick plastic perforated panels provide 2-dimensional screening from 0.5mm to 20mm dimeter holes. This allows the bandscreen to achieve a very high screenings capture rate as compared with other mechanical screening types.

Inlet flows enter into the centre of the band screen and exists through both sides and the bottom of the screen. This means that the perforated filter panels are not in the direct line of hydraulic force created by the inlet flows. This greatly increases the total panel surface area and helps prevent impact damage as well as ‘pull through’ of the screenings.

The bandscreen belt is made up of high quality, chemical resistant perforated panels, 316 S/S lifters (to collect large solids), and 316 S/S axles. The belt is driven externally by a series of very high wear resistant engineered plastic links which form a geared rack along the vertical side of the band screen. This means there are no internal or submerged shafts which invite the collection of rags or screenings.

Under normal operating conditions, the band will remain stationary in the channel while solids are captured by the panels and screened water flows on. After time the solids will accumulate against the panels such that the panels become ‘matted up’ and the upstream water level rises due to additional head losses. When the level reaches a pre-determined set-point, or when the upstream/downstream level differential is measured to be above a certain range (typically 100-400mm) the screen will begin rotating. The matted panels will be raised to the top where spray nozzles clean the panels and release the screenings into a collection trough. Clean panels then become submerged in the channel to continue capturing solids in the inlet flows. The band screen can also be run in continuous mode where the screen rotates continuously collecting and depositing captured solids.

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Key Advantages

Spraybar Medium transparent
Bandscreen rendered Medium transparent
  • The plastic used for the running links is premium engineered plastic which has 3 times the strength compared with UHMWPE (the choice of almost all other Bandscreen manufactuers) and 1.6 times higher hardness. This allows the Aqua Band to withstand much higher stresses and to operate in very high grit applications.
  • No support fasteners underneath the platform level allows the entire band screen to be installed and removed without need of draining or accessing the channel.
  • Wide range of available spray nozzles are easily changed and cleaned with no tools required and fully customisable to suit site conditions.
  • No internal or submerged drive shafts.
  • No submerged roller bearings.
  • No brushes required.
  • Stainless Steel drive shaft support bearings.
  • Side mounted drive reduces wear on gear links and running faces and positions the drive at an ergonomic position for maintenance.
  • Solid frame from top to bottom provides strength and rigidity during installation, removal and operation.
  • Captive nuts allow for fasteners to be removed externally without risk of dropping nuts/washers into the channel.
  • Option for Transparent inspection hatches on all four sides to allow operators to easily see inside the Bandscreen while it is operating without the risk of contacting hazardous material, being wetted, or sustaining pinching/crushing injuries.

The Aqua Band screen is fabricated and assembled entirely in Australia and supporting local Australian business.

Technical Data

 tech spec table

* Flow capacity is given for indicative purposes only. The actual capacity is dependent on the channel dimensions and top water level. Aquatec Maxcon can provide custom solutions for most channel sizes and flow requirements.

** The Aqua-Band screen can operate effectively within a pressure range of 300kPa to 700 kPa, the actual flow requirement will be dependent on the pressure available.


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