Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy is Aquatec Maxcon’s answer to a more sustainable treatment plant, which produces renewable energy from a variety of different waste sources. This unique design solution can be used to power existing sewage treatment plants and/or recycled water facilities, with excess energy exported to the grid. The facilities are designed to provide more sustainable energy from the existing sewage treatment plants and remove waste that would otherwise end up in landfill.

Please refer to the following project for a sample of a successful Waste-To-Energy plant completed by Aquatec Maxcon.

pdf buttonYarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Plant

By constructing the Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Facility, we can divert up to 33,000 tonnes per year of organic waste from landfills and convert it into useful products including energy and fertiliser. The Facility can provide the equivalent of up to 25% of Yarra Valley Water’s energy consumption through the harnessing of biogas to fuel engines to generate electricity, which otherwise would have been emitted by landfill as a greenhouse gas. The Facility also provides nutrient-rich digestate which has many potential uses in agriculture, preventing this valuable resource from becoming waste in landfill.