Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy is Aquatec Maxcon’s answer to a more sustainable treatment process, by converting organic wastes into renewable energy and waste products suitable for agricultural applications.  Our unique design solution can be used to power existing sewage treatment plants and/or recycled water facilities, or to reduce existing power requirements, with excess energy exported to the grid. Our facilities are designed to provide more sustainable energy from organic wastes that would otherwise end up in landfill.

The waste to energy plants use biomass derived from a number of sources, which may include fats, oil and grease, fruit and vegetable wastes and wastes from animal processing facilities, such as the sludge from waste treatment plants at abattoirs. Our Waste to Energy facilities can combine the same trade waste from commercial outlets together with dry/wet organic matter from local waste businesses to derive renewable products in a mutually beneficial way.

The biogas can be used directly for producing heat or combined heat and power (CHP). The process is incredibly energy efficient as out of 100 per cent of the energy content put into the plant, only 12 per cent is required to run the plant and only 10 per cent is lost from the CHP process.

This leaves an excess of 78 per cent of the energy to be utilised in the form of power and heat or excess electricity to the grid.

Advantages of Waste to Energy

  • Additional income via gate fees for waste receival
  • Energy neutral wastewater treatment plant if co-located on site
  • Potential for off-grid wastewater treatment plant
  • Environmentally sustainable solution for any organic waste
  • Reduce existing power bills on site, or excess power can be exported to the grid
  • The end by-product is a highly desirable fertiliser, high in nutirents


Yarra Valley Water Waste to Energy Facility, Melbourne VIC