The Aquatec Maxcon gravity sludge thickener is a simpler alternative to sludge thickening than D.A.F.

In most cases the thickened product is suitable for direct feed to belt presses and in all cases is suitable for discharge to drying beds.

The AquaThickener is available in centre or peripheral driven mechanisms with over 40 years of Research and Development behind them both.

Although up to 5% solids may be achieved, performance is largely dependent on influent sludge quality.

Polyelectrolyte dosing may be used to enhance performance but this feature is not usually required.


Design Features

Vertical pickets rotate within the circular tank gently flocculating the sludge particles. Flocculated sludge settles to the tank floor and is scraped to the centre hopper for periodic discharge

  • Manufactured from minimum 6mm epoxy coated mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium or composite materials
  • Electromechanical torque overload coupling is provided on the drives. Cheaper protection mechanisms such as shear pins can be considered false economy

AquaThickener- CD (Centre Drive System)

  • A full diameter bridge is driven by a two wheeled bogie similar to our circular AquaScrapers
  • The feedwell, pickets and scrapers are fixed to the rotating bridge
  • Feed sludge enters via the centre column

AquaThickener- PD (Peripheral Drive System)

  • Centre drive mechanisms can either be supported by a centre column or a full diameter fixed bridge
  • In all instances the feedwell is supported by the bridge

Design Advantages

  • Peripheral drive units enable a central pilot to take up launder wall construction variations
  • Our segmented echelon scrapers optimise sludge removal efficiency
  • Direct drive mechanism for fixed bridge design. No need to adjust and lubricate drive chains and gears
  • Scrapers are fixed by pin joints to accommodate variations in floor levels during installation
  • Self lubricating life time operation for all submerged bearings
  • Drive gear motor is easily accessible for routine maintenance


Aquathickener PD: Peripheral Drive System


Aquathickener CD: Centre Drive System



  • Municipal waste sludge thickening
  • Industrial waste sludge thickening
  • Pre-thickening prior to belt presses


Aquatec Maxcon is committed to the water industry and provides a wide range of services, across multiple industries and sectors. 

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