Granular Media Filtration

Granular Media Filtration

open-gravity-granular ThumbGranular Media Filtration is the process for removal of suspended solids by passage of water through a porous medium. Filtration is commonly the final polishing step in the conventional water treatment process, designed to meet final treated water turbidity limits.

The filtration process results in a gradual accumulation of entrapped solids within the granular media, which require intermittent removal by means of a filter backwash cycle. This cycle typically comprises both air scour and water wash phases, to effectively loosen and flush out the retained solids to waste.

Both open gravity filter and pressure filter designs are used for this application and are supplied by Aquatec Maxcon to suit the specific water treatment requirements.

Other granular media filtration equipment options available include:

  • Plenum or lateral floor underdrain systems;
  • Mono, dual or triple filter media configurations;
  • Activated carbon (GAC) filter systems;
  • Self-backwashing filter system designs; and
  • Filter underdrain refurbishments.

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