Odour Control

Odour Control

Odour can be an issue in a wide range of industries as well as municipal sewage and sludge treatment. Examples are:

  • Municipal sewage treatment collection (manholes, pump stations, treatment plants, sludge storage and dewatering)
  • Industrial wastewater plants (balance tanks, sludge storage and handling)
  • Anaerobic digestion processes
  • Industrial processing plants (abattoirs, livestock and poultry, food processing, dairy industry, solid waste handling and treating industries, chemical industries of various kinds)

Types of Odour

Odours can be caused by a wide range of compounds. The most common ones are hydrogen sulphide, organic and inorganic sulphur fatty acids, amines, ammonia, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and poly aromatic hydrocarbons.

Technology Supplier

Aquatec Maxcon represents Bioair Solutions® from the USA on an exclusive basis in Australia.

In cooperation with Bioair®, we can deliver various solutions for odour treatment ranging from small to very large with different performance requirements.

We can provide effective solutions to treat air streams from 600m3/hour to over 170,000m3/hr to meet the needs of facilities ranging from lift/pump stations to dewatering/sludge-drying operations and everything in between. Units are generally compact, starting at 1.5 metres tall and 1.5 metres wide. Skid mounted options are also available. Our exciting product portfolio is included below and you can also download the Bioair Solutions® brochure here.


Solutions for every need and application


EcoFilter® provides state of the art performance with superior process control of the critical factors of moisture content, pH and nutrients. EcoFilter® incorporates BioAir's breakthrough proprietary EcoBase® structured synthetic media (patent pending). The unique uniform characteristics of EcoBase® delivers uniform performance, across the media bed and through the life of the system.

EcoFilter® eliminates odours using absolutely no hazardous chemicals and no consumables. It's the ideal environmentally friendly solution to your odour control needs.

The key advantages of this total system include:

  • Optimised mass transfer of compounds;
  • Treatment of higher odour loadings;
  • Enhanced removal of targeted odour compounds;
  • Elimination of plugging;
  • Very low maintenance;
  • Incredibly low operating costs; and
  • Compact designs to solve footprint challenges.

Download the EcoFilter® brochure here.

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EcoPure® is a two-stage odour control solution for the lowest possible emissions. Proprietary biotrickling filter technology with EcoBase™ media, combined with a carbon polishing stage result in the lowest emissions possible.

EcoPure Cluster - 2012-07 Thumb EcoPure - Atlantic Beach Florida USA Thumb

EcoPure® Mini

EcoPure® Mini has all the dual-technology power of EcoPure in a tiny form factor. The EcoPure® Mini is perfect for sensitive locations with limited space, where a larger unit simply will not fit.

Download the EcoPure® Mini brochure here.

Ecopure with Guy Thumb EcoPure Mini - Pinellas County Florida USA Thumb


EcoCarb® from BioAir Solutions is an economical odour control solution utilising readily available activated carbon. It is designed to meet low-level odour treatment needs, is especially well suited to treat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is effective in removing trace amounts of inorganic and organic odours.

Ecocarb Thumb Ecocarb Ocala WRF Florida USA Trickling Filter Odour Control Thumb

Contact us for any odour inquiry or click here to learn more about municipal and industrial odour control by BioAir Solutions.