Pilot Plant & Treatability Studies

Pilot Plant & Treatability Studies

Pilot Plant TestingAquatec Maxcon is dedicated to research and development and has supplied several pilot plants for customers to perform their own research and development.

Aquatec Maxcon can design and supply a pilot plant suitable for your specific testing requirements, with purchase and lease options available.

As part of our commitment to Research and Development, Aquatec Maxcon has built and operates (in Ipswich, Queensland), the only aeration test tank in Australasia and uses this regularly to test new developments and proposed designs.  Aquatec Maxcon has the ability to test aeration diffuser designs in tank depths of up to 9m in a tank with volume over 250m3. It has been demonstrated that the results from this test facility correlated extremely well with full scale on-site performance of the actual plant.  As such, most organisations will, rather than undertake site SOTR testing at the end of the project, accept the results of our test tank, saving costs and time on site.

Aquatec Maxcon has demonstrated many different pilot plants over the years to customers to prove processes.  These pilot plants have included:

  • Nereda® aerobic granular sludge
  • Pacques Annamox®
  • Struvite
  • UASB
  • Anaerobic MBR
  • Forward Osmosis