Coonamble Water Treatment Plant

Coonamble Water Treatment Plant

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Coonamble Shire Council


Coonamble, NSW


AUD $4.0 M


Water hardness, iron and manganese


Safe Drinking Water - based on Australian Standard Guidelines for township of Coonamble


Drinking water


Dosing systems, filters, chlorine disinfection

Completion Date:

August 2013


Mark Aitken - Aquatec Maxcon

In August 2012, Aquatec Maxcon was awarded the design and construction of a 5.5 ML/d Water Treatment Plant at Coonamble.

Aquatec Maxcon was the Main Contractor on this project constructing the water treatment plant (including civil, electrical, instrumentation and control works) at the existing 1 ML/d reservoir site. The project was needed to treat the water sourced from three local bores with chlorination prior to distribution to the township of Coonamble.

The main elements of the plant include:

  • Bore water reticulation to WTP
  • Two sedimentation lagoons and settled water pump station
  • Two dual media gravity filters, concrete construction
  • Filter backwash and air scour facilities
  • Filtered water pump station
  • Treated water reticulation to town water distribution
  • Main plant building for chemicals, switch room, machinery room, office, laboratory etc.

The water treatment involves the following processes:

  • Coagulation and caustic soda pre-dosing
  • Statiflo in-line static mixer
  • Post chlorine disinfection
  • Hydrochloric acid for pH adjustment

Other related projects:

  • Tumbarumba DAFF WTP (2011), 3 ML/d design capacity
  • Mt Beauty (2010), 2.7 ML/d design capacity
  • Coffs Harbour DAFF plant (2009), 42 ML/s design capacity
  • Lockington DAFF WTP (2003), 12 L/s
  • Corowa DAFF WTP (2002), 200 L/s
  • Ararat DAFF WTP (2000), 200 L/s
  • Halls Gap DAFF WTP (2000), 45 L/s
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