Industrial Processes

Industrial Processes

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Aquatec Maxcon is a leading provider of innovative industrial process solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. With over 47 years' experience in a range of industries, including food and beverage, pulp and paper, mining, meat processing and chemical manufacturing. We can provide a full range of equipment and treatment processes for any application.

Providing sustainable outcomes to our clients is our key goal and lifecycle analysis has been an important factor in clients' adoption of our anaerobic and water recycling technologies. Increasing energy costs can be offset by utilising anaerobic technologies and utilising the biogas produced in co-generation or for site heating and cooling requirements. Increasing potable water costs can be offset by recycling the effluent after treatment via our membrane and disinfection technologies.

Two of the world's most water efficient breweries have been designed and constructed by Aquatec Maxcon and utilise a combination of our anaerobic, aerobic, solids separation, membrane and disinfection technologies to achieve these goals.

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