Nereda® Aerobic Granular Biomass

Nereda® Aerobic Granular Biomass

  • Sustainable Technology
  • Significantly Smaller Footprint than Conventional Plants
  • Reduced Energy Input (25 - 35%)



Aerobic Granular Sludge (AGS)

This unique technology is supported by Aquatec Maxcon, Australia’s leading water technology provider and the leading European technology developer and consultant, Royal HaskoningDHV. Nereda® is an innovative advanced biological wastewater treatment technology that purifies water using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. Unlike conventional processes, the purifying bacteria concentrates naturally in compact granules, with excellent settling properties. As a result of the large variety of biological processes that simultaneously take place in the granular biomass, Nereda® is capable of meeting stringent effluent quality requirements. Extensive biological phosphorus and nitrogen reduction is an intrinsic attribute of this technology, resulting in chemical free operation.

These unique process features translate into compact, energy saving and easy to operate Nereda® installations for both municipal and industrial waste water treatment. Nereda® presents attractive new solutions for greenfield and brownfield sites and retrofitting or extending conventional activated sludge plants. The technology is also highly recommended for performance and capacity upgrades of existing SBR facilities.

The continued success of Nereda® technology has meant that currently larger plants are being designed and built including a 2,400,000EP plant in Dublin and a 500,000EP plant in Utrecht. There are more than 16 plants operational worldwide, including Kingaroy WWTP in Australia. Kingaroy WWTP is a 12,500EP Nereda® Plant that was commissioned in May 2016 and to date has achieved exemplary effluent results.

Picture 2 Settling

Picture 3 Biomass option 2

Nereda® biomass (left) and activated sludge (right) after only 5 minutes of settling Breakthrough  technology based on aerobic granular biomass     Effluent Launder   


Advantages of Nereda®

Cost Effective

Nereda® enables extensive biological treatment in a compact and simple design.

Reduced plant costs are achieved through:

  • High energy efficiency of the process
  • Less mechanical equipment than conventional processes
  • Concentrated biomass, reducing tank volume
  • Reduced direct plant costs
  • Reduced operations and maintenance costs

Easy to Operate

Plant operation is easy and process performance is robust. The Nereda® system is fully automated ensuring reliable performance and ease of operation.


Extensive life cycle analyses reveal Nereda® as a truly sustainable technology. Compared to conventional processes, Nereda® has significantly lower energy consumption while producing a remarkably high effluent quality. The technology requires less waste generating chemicals, construction materials and mechanical equipment for an overall reduced carbon footprint.

TB2A5301-Pano Small
Kingaroy WWTP - 12,500EP (First Operational Nereda® Plant in Australia)



With the distinctive characteristics of granular biomass, Nereda® technology uses an optimised SBR cycle:

  • Filling of influent and simultaneous displacement of purified water.
  • Aeration results in extensive simultaneous biological removal of organic, nitrogen and phosphorous compounds.
  • Biomass is separated from the purified water during a very short settling phase and Nereda® is ready for a new cycle.
  • Aerobic, anoxic and anaerobic biological processes take place simultaneously in the granular biomass and optimal biological treatment is accomplished in only one effective aeration step.

Nereda Chart

Key Advantages

Nereda® Key Advantages

 IMG 9527 Small
Kingaroy WWTP (Effluent Discharge)
  • Pure biomass, no support media required
  • Excellent settling properties
  • High biomass concentration
  • Small footprint
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simultaneous biological Nitrogen and Phosphrous removal
  • Simple single tank concept (no clarifiers)
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • Simple operation
  • Sustainable technology

Key Installations

 160610-101334-AbovePhoto-289197 Small

Kingaroy WWTP - 12,500EP

 Picture1 Small
Gamerwolde STP - 140,000EP
 Dinxperlo for brochure Small
Dinxperlo STP - 16,000EP
 Aerial view Epe WWTP April 20121CMYK Small
Epe STP - 59,000 EP


Products & Services

 Demo Plant
Aquatec Maxcon Demonstration Plant

Aquatec Maxcon in partnership with RHDHV can deliver technical advice and the process know how to meet specific project needs.

Aquatec Maxcon has over 47 years’ experience in treating water and wastewater for both municipal and industrial applications.

A leader of the water industry, Aquatec Maxcon has
introduced a range of innovative process technologies to Australia including the first UASB, IC Reactor, Membrane Bioreactor and Circox Reactor. We have a successful track record in introducing new technologies and have diligently supported their implementation within Australian conditions.

Aquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd is part of the Aquatec Maxcon Group which provides a vertically integrated range of in-house services including:

  • Design and Construction;
  • Project Management, Commissioning and Operation;
  • Installation and Maintenance;
  • Steel Fabrication, Sand Blasting and Painting;
  • Machine and Plant Automation;
  • System Integration and SCADA Configuration.

Aquatec Maxcon has established and maintains a dedicated service department for scheduled maintainence and breakdown services.

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