Sedimentation is the process whereby the flocculated water stream is separated into a clarified (settled) water stream and a concentrated sludge stream. The floc particles settle by gravity to the base.  Its usual purpose in a conventional treatment process is to reduce the solids load (after coagulation and flocculation) on the subsequent filtration stage.

Both Inclined Lamella Plate Settler (MRI) and Open Basin designs are commonly used for this application and both are supplied by Aquatec Maxcon to suit the specific water treatment requirements:

Meurer Research Inc (MRI) Lamella Plate Settlers Features:

  • All Stainless Steel lamella plate and internal material;
  • 90% smaller footprint than equivalent open basin clarifiers;
  • Ease of installation and maintenance – hose down only via walk-able plates;
  • Flexible design specifications, which enable retrofitting to existing structures;
  • NSF-61 approved specifications to be used in contact with drinking water; and
  • Available with MRI patented Hoseless Sludge Collector for reliable suction sludge collection.

Other Sedimentation Equipment Options Available:

  • Tube settlers;
  • Sludge blanket clarifiers;
  • Solids recirculation clarifiers;
  • Circular clarifier sludge scraper mechanisms;
  • Chain-and-flight sludge collectors;
  • MRI Ultra Scraper; and
  • Travelling Bridge Scraper

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MRI 03 thumb open-basin-clarifier thumb