Aquatec Maxcon is a unique company which can provide the design and construction of any aeration system to suit your needs. With at least 50% of STP energy being consumed by the aeration system, Aquatec Maxcon is dedicated to delivering the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions. Aeration tank

Our aeration equipment has undergone rigorous testing and has been proven to produce guaranteed results. Using our in-house test tank we have been able to model and prove installations and performances for a wide variety of custom installations.

The majority of our installations are field-tested to ensure maximum transfer efficiencies.

Aeration systems are available for continuous or intermittent systems in conventional basins, lagoons and racetrack or circular oxidation ditch configurations. We supply and install both diffused and surface aeration systems.

Research and Development

Aquatec Maxcon is fully committed to the ongoing research and development of all of our products, to ensure that only the very best products and standards are continuously being delivered to new and existing clients.

Aquatec Maxcon Test Tank

We have a fully operational Aeration Testing Tank at our Ipswich grounds, which is the only facility of it's kind in Australasia. 

The AquaBlade has been progressively developed over a number of years, in order to keep up to date with ever changing environments and procedures.

This ensures that we can dedicate time and resources to the continuous development of one of the most popular products in the waste water treatment industry, the AquaBlade Diffuser.

The latest development concerns our patented AquaBlade Aerator. We are currently in the testing stage for a revolutionary new and improved Diffuser, where we use a patented and innovative new technology in curing Membranes.

The overall aim is to eliminate tearing, so there is increased tear and crosslinkage protection, as the membranes are developed with a higher strength silicone than the traditional AquaBlades. 

They are currently being tested in cyclical intermittent tests, which are exposing the diffuser to accelerated fatigue testing for a pre-determined amount of time.

The original design has been revised, and a few additional changes have also been made;

The design of the end clips has been altered to prevent leakage and membrane creep.

We have increased the rigidity of the membrane, which increases tear and crosslinkage protection.