Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Aquatec Maxcon provides leading technologies across the entire wastewater flowsheet. The following is indicative of our extensive range of processes and equipment available.

Inlet Screens
A wide range of coarse and fine inlet screens to suit all applications including climber, chain type, semi rotary, step screen and drum screens.

Grit Removal and Washing
Vortex, aerated and constant velocity grit channels together with grit separating and washing.

Primary and Secondary Clarifiers
Centre and peripheral drive mechanisms for tanks to 50m diameter, travelling bridge or chain and flight scrapers to suit rectangular clarifiers. Single, double or triple bidge scraper and syphon type sludge removal systems for tanks to 50m diameter.

Surface Aerators
Aquastar surface aerators for fixed or floating installations offer industry leading transfer efficiency.

STE high speed turbo compressors offer unequalled efficiency while dual point control delivers turn-down to 40% at near constant efficiency.

Diffused Air Aeration
A wide range of diffusers available including; fine bubble membrane type plate diffusers, membrane and ceramic type disc diffusers as well as tubular diffusers, all of which provide the highest available efficiencies. Integral mixing systems are also offered for optimised performance. 

Oxidation Ditches
Aquatec Maxcon provides a wide range of equipment for outfitting oxidation ditches including surface aerators, diffused aeration and scum harvestors.

Double sided vertical travel, rotary and gas locked siphon decanters.

Membrane Bioreactors
Kubota MBRs are the world leaders in robust membranes that directly deliver microfiltered water and have achieved Class A+ recycled water.

Trojan Technologies is the world leader in UV disinfection offering high efficiency low pressure lamp technology with integrated automated chemical cleaning systems in open channel and closed vessel reactors.

Paques Annamox process allows removal of nitrogen using dramatically less carbon and energy, offering the potential of carbon neutral or even carbon positive wastewater treatment.

Nereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge technology is a sustainable alternative to activated sludge processes, significantly reducing chemical usage, plant energy requirements, capital cost and plant footprint.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
Circular or rectangular DAF systems offer simple, reliable solids separation and thickening of up to 5-7% DS.

Odour Control
Aquatec Maxcon can deliver various solutions for odour treatment ranging from small to very large with diferent performance requirements.

Sludge and Biosolids
Aquatec Maxcon can offer solutions for the processing, treatment and recovery of sludge and biosolids.

Tertiary Filtration
Media filtration systems to remove fine non-settleable materials as well as membrane solutions for tertiary filtration.

Hybrid BNR
The Aqua Hybrid BNR  process was developed to capture the features of conventional IDEA (Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration) processes at an affordable cost.