Tertiary Filtration

Tertiary Filtration

Granular media filtration systems to remove fine non-settleable material. Media systems include silica sand, anthracite, GAC, gravel, garnet, Manganese Greensand and Birm - all available in mono, dual, and multimedia form.
Underdrain systems are manufactured in plenum and lateral styles, incorporating slotted dome strainer nozzles.

Backwash systems are available as manual and automatic control and comprise of air scour, combined air scour/low rate backwash, low rate backwash and high rate backwash phases as appropriate.

Filter designs available include:

  • Conventional open gravity cell
  • Pressure filters
  • Automatic self backwashing filters
  • Filter rate control methods include level controlled, rising level and declining rate.

Filter media systems are designed to suit the specific application and include:

  • Mono sand media
  • Coarse deep bed media
  • Dual media (coal/sand)
  • Multimedia (coal/sand/garnet)

Below are some of the products that Aquatec Maxcon uses:

pdf button Water Pure - PF  (Pressure Filter Systems)
pdf button Water Pure - DF  (Direct Filtration)