Clarifier SandgateGravity sedimentation is one of the most frequently used processes in wastewater treatment. Many wastewaters contain settleable suspended solids that can be removed under quiescent conditions. Particles (solid, liquid, or gases) that have a different density from that of the suspension medium (water), will settle downward because of gravity or rise to the top because of buoyancy. In other cases where suspended materials do not settle readily, upstream unit processes are used to convert colloidal (nonsettleable suspended solids) and soluble pollutants into settleable suspended solids for gravity sedimentation removal. Suspended solids removal is important because of the pollutants associated with the removed solids, such as organics, nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus), and heavy metals.

Gravity sedimentation occurs in basins frequently called clarifiers. Primary clarifiers are used to remove the settleable suspended solids in raw wastewaters.

Our AquaScraper Clarifier range includes the following:

AquaScraper Series C (Circular Clarifiers)

  • Peripheral Drive (AquaScraper C-PD)
  • Centre Drive  (AquaScraper C-CD)

AquaScraper Series R (Rectangular Clarifiers)

  • Travelling Bridge (AquaScraper R-TB)
  • Chain and Flight (AquaScraper R-CF)
  • Stainless Steel Rope and Flight (AquaScraper R-RF)

AquaScraper Series SL (Suction Lift Clarifier)

Aquatec Maxcon is one of Australia's most experienced manufacturers of scraper clarifiers, catering for all circular and rectangular tank designs. Depending on your requirements and circumstances, we can supply AquaScrapers in mild steel (tar epoxy and/or hot dipped galvanised), stainless steel, aluminium, or composite materials.

Our proven design incorporates either centre drive (CD), peripheral drive (PD) or chain and flight (CF). We can deliver clarifiers in various sizes from a few metres up to 50m in diameter.

Design Advantages

  • Peripheral drive units enable us to use a central pivot to take up launder wall construction variations.
  • Adjustable bridge speeds can be achieved through a variable frequency controller.
  • Our segmented scrapers pivot to match floor imperfections during installation, maximising sludge removal efficiency.
  • Segmented scrapers allow inspection, adjustment and replacement of the scraping rubber.
  • Using segmented scrapers dispenses with costly floor toppings minimising civil costs.
  • Easily incorporate flocculating feed wells for nutrient removal plants.
  • Scum boxes with our submerged outlet design are ideal for high scum or floatation loads.
  • Available in both peripheral drive and centre drive designs.


Any process requiring gravity liquid solids separation including: 

  • Gold and minerals processing
  • Abattoirs
  • Activated sludge systems
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Tanneries
  • Purification of potable water sources
  • Waste paper mills
  • Wastewater from chemical processes
  • Wood panel industries
  • Most other industrial wastewaters