50 Years - 50 Stories: Maroochy Excel Water Alliance - The First of the Alliances


In the early 2000s, Aquatec Maxcon experienced significant growth due to our becoming part of several Alliances. The first of these Alliances was with Maroochy Water (better known as Unitywater now).

The value of the Maroochy ExcelWater Alliance was not quantified in revenue as much as the impact it had on the community. For instance - The $1.3 million dollar project resulted in Maroochydore Sewage Treatment Plant increasing the capacity of its ‘B’ plant by 40% - giving the plant a total capacity of 15.5ML/d. This sort of result would be a lot more difficult to achieve these days, even though we now have access to more resources.  

Our Maroochy ExcelWater Alliance Team was comprised of Maroochy Water Services, Aquatec Maxcon, John Wilson & Partners, and Ward Civil & Environmental – all working together to deliver the best for project outcomes. The project commenced during September 2000, 20 years ago (at the time of this writing), and was commissioned in June 2001. Excellent co-operation between the Alliance partners realised the true potential of the existing infrastructure, resulting in the plant being commissioned ahead of schedule and slightly under the Target Cost.

The Maroochy ExcelWater Alliance was the first project undertaken in Queensland using the Alliancing form of delivery for major water infrastructure projects. It showed that doing things differently together leads to success for both the client, consultants and the contractors. We consider this one of the most significant chapters of our 50 year story and an important milestone of our long term relationship with Unitywater, opening doors for us to join other Alliances in South East Queensland such as BWEA (Brisbane Water Enviro Alliance).

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