Aquatec Maxcon Asia: 440,000 Litre Cryogenic Tank

 tank chiyoda title image

The latest progress update from our Thailand branch - A 440,000 litre cryogenic tank under construction in Thailand for a LNG plant located in the USA.

A stainless steel inner vessel will be inserted in the mild steel outer vessel and perlite and vacuum insulate will be installed.

All of our tanks can be designed and manufactured to AS 1210, ASME VIII Pressure Vessel code, and any other applicable Australian & International Standards. Advanced design technologies allow accurate analysis of foreseeable operating conditions, including seismic and cyclonic wind conditions to AS 1170, transportation induced loading, normal & abnormal operating pressures, and the elements.

Our cryogenic tanks (cryogenic vessels, cryogenic surge drums, cryogenic pressure bullets) are manufactured to ISO9001 quality control procedures, with the following testing done on all cryogenic tanks fabricated by Cryeng Group (A member of the Aquatec Maxcon Group of Companies):

  • Full hydrostatic testing for Class 1, 1H, 1S, ASME VIII Div. 1 and Div. 2 inner vessels
  • Helium leak testing to verify vacuum integrity of inner vessel jacket
  • Soapy bubble testing of all cryogenic valves and external piping
  • Cold shock testing of inner vessels with liquid nitrogen for nozzle and pipe integrity check

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