Rochester WTP

2012-10-12 News Thumb

The Rochester Water Treatment Plant (WTP) services a community of some 3000 in Northern Victoria which comprises of residential and commercial customers such as Murray Goulburn. The plant typically supplies an average demand of 4 MLD and has a current capacity of 10.4 MLD. The purpose of the project is to improve delivery of a safe and reliable drinking water supply to the community by upgrading the treatment plant to cope with increasing variation in raw water quality and improve the resilience of the plant to cope with flood events.

The scope shall include:

  • Installation of new ozone contact column capable of providing pre-ozonation and post ozonation, as well as ozone generation;
  • Installation of coagulation control;
  • Installation of membrane microfiltration;
  • Conversion of existing sand filters into Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filters;
  • Sewer connection upgrade to discharge chemical clean waste from the membrane process and flood mitigation sewer pump station;
  • Supernatant return works for the lagoon and backwash settling tank/stormwater discharge works;
  • Flood protection barriers around the WTP site;
  • New buildings and new tankage; and
  • Site civil and structural works, vehicle access, drainage, chemical bunds, as well as site mechanical works including water, air, and reticulation.

The Project will be delivered under a single Design and Construct Contract and, of most significance, will include the largest membrane filtration Aquatec Maxcon has done to date with a capacity of 10.4 ML/d. Delivery of the Rochester WTP also introduces our Ozonia technology to the market place.