Priority Spools despatched by Antonov planes

Following the June 8 explosion at Freeport LNG’s export plant in Texas, which shutdown the second-largest LNG exporter in the United States, Cryeng Group have been expediting the fabrication of vacuum insulated pipe spools to replace the spools damaged by the incident.

By leveraging its material supply chain and utilising its production capacity and extensive fabrication experience of vacuum insulated pipe (VIP), gained from supplying VIP for the construction of the major LNG export facilities in Australia and the Gulf Coast, Cryeng have fabricated priority replacement VIP spools within weeks of the incident to support the Freeport LNG restoration plan.

Priority spools were despatched by chartered Antonov cargo planes from U-Tapao Naval Airfield, nearby to Cryeng Group’s fabrication facility in Rayong, Thailand directly to Houston for delivery to the Quintana Island based facility.

Cryeng’s immediate action and ability to expedite the fabrication of the VIP to the existing project specification has supported Freeport LNG’s planned schedule to get LNG export production restarted. Additional replacement VIP spools are being fabricated and despatched by airfreight from Cryeng to complete the balance of the restoration project.