Aquatec Maxcon Sponsors South Burnett Region School Art Competition

Aquatec Maxcon sponsored a School Art Competition to coincide with the opening of the new Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Plant. The competition was open to all students enrolled in schools within the South Burnett region and ranged from colouring in to producing a poster illustrating the key role wastewater treatment plays within overall catchment management.

The judges were Council’s Division 2 Councillor, Roz Frohloff and the Aquatec Maxcon’s Queensland State Manager, Peter Ferrando.

Peter Ferrando remarked, “Arousing interest in the water cycle through the running of this competition will help to encourage the younger generation to enter STEM fields in the future.”

“The idea was to involve local students by challenging them to do something a little bit out of the ordinary and to get them thinking about wastewater treatment” said Councillor Frohloff, “It is wonderful to see such a response from students throughout the South Burnett.”

The colouring-in competition was divided into two categories, Prep to Year 2 and Year 3 to Year 6. These categories were hotly contested with the judges deliberating for some time to find the overall winners.

The first category for the poster competition required students to produce a poster detailing the role a wastewater treatment plant plays in the overall water cycle.

Mayor Keith Campbell said, "This art competition has encouraged students to think about where our wastewater ends up which benefits the environment and who knows, they may in the future develop an interest and enter into this field.”

The winning artworks will be framed and on display at the Kingaroy Wastewater Treatment Plant. The winners are as follows:

Aquatec Maxcon is proud to be involved in the local community whilst delivering the Kingaroy WWTP, the first full-scale Nereda® WWTP in Australia.

Prep to Year 2 – Colouring In Winners

  • 1st Place: Jaxon Branch - Kingaroy State School
  • 2nd Place: Ethan Hood - St Mary’s Catholic College
  • 3rd Place: Ada Kurz - Nanango State School

Year 3 to Year 6 – Colouring In Winners

  • 1st Place: Ashlyn Williamson - Murgon State School
  • 2nd Place: Minnie Martoo - St Mary’s Catholic College
  • 3rd Place: Paige Mueller - Kingaroy State School

Poster Competition – Water Cycle Winners

  • 1st Place: Bridgette Watson - St Mary’s Catholic College
  • 2nd Place: Isla Airs - St Mary’s Catholic College
  • 3rd Place: Elizabeth Watson - St Mary’s Catholic College

Encouragement Awards Winners

  • Paige Nilon-Brown - Nanango State School
  • Levi Kurz - Nanango State School
  • Aaron Cullen - Kingaroy State School
  • Aayusha Pandey - Taabinga State School
  • Aaliyah-Mae - Taabinga State School

 Competition Winners

St Mary’s Catholic College Students show off their winning posters with representatives from Aquatec Maxcon, from Left to Right:  Councillor Roz Frohloff, Process Engineer Shay White from Aquatec Maxcon, students Elizabeth Watson, Bridgette Watson and Isla Airs, Principal Angela Myles and Senior Process Engineer Monita Naicker from Aquatec Maxcon.  Photograph courtesy of South Burnett Regional Council.

  Competition entry example

 Example of an entry in the Colouring In competition.

  Competition entry example

  Example of an entry in the Water Cycle competition