Thabeban WWTP

2013-10-28 - Thabeban WWTP ThumbAquatec Maxcon and Queensland Concrete & General Construction (QCGC) have recently been awarded the Thabeban Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project for Bundaberg Regional Council.

Aquatec Maxcon is responsible for the supply and installation of all mechanical works and equipment as well as the electrical works including PLC & SCADA.

The upgrade will cater to more residents, increasing the current plant’s capacity from 3000 persons to 9000 persons, facilitating economic growth and development in the region. The new plant will also provide high quality treated effluent for agricultural purposes on neighbouring properties and greatly improve the quality of unused treated effluent released into the Yellow Waterholes Creek. Furthermore, the project will provide opportunities for additional re-use options in the future.

Work on the Thabeban Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade is expected to commence in October and take approximately 12 months to construct and commission.

We look forward to assisting QCGC in the successful completion of this contract.

Glenmore Pump Station Upgrade

2013-08-26 - Glenmore ThumbRockhampton Regional Council recently awarded Aquatec Maxcon the first stage of a two stage project to upgrade the High Lift Pump Station located at Glenmore Water Treatment Plant.

Stage One involves a complete overhaul of the pumping station’s electrical equipment. This includes the current switchboard, transformers, cables, switch gear and programmable logic controller components. Aquatec Maxcon will also be constructing a new building onsite to contain the new switchgear and VSD’s.

Stage Two involves the mechanical upgrade of the pump station including horizontal split-case pumps, 800kW motors and interconnecting pipework.

The pump station is currently capable of pumping 70ML/day and when Stage Two is complete, the new system will be able to pump 170ML/day. One of the main design requirements of this project is to upgrade the pump station so that it will be the most efficient that it can possibly be. Aquatec Maxcon are continuously designing and constructing projects with emphasis on efficiency, quality and cost which leads to significant savings for Clients over the lifespan of the project.

Aquatec Maxcon looks forward to working with Rockhampton Regional Council to deliver a successful project.

Hughenden STP

2013-07-30 - Works Beginning on Site ThumbFlinders Shire Council recently awarded Aquatec Maxcon the Design and Construct Contract for the Hughenden Sewage Treatment Plant.

With a flow rate of 520kL/day, the new plant will have SBR Lagoons complete with Aquatec Maxcon Surface Aerators and Decanters as well as Inlet Works, Chemical Dosing, Sludge Drying and Chlorine Disinfection.

The Hughenden Sewage Treatment Plant will be delivered using the Aquatec Maxcon Group’s vertically integrated capabilities with design, process, mechanical, civil and electrical works all being done in-house.

We look forward to delivering a successful project for Flinders Shire Council.

Aquatec Maxcon at Ozwater'13

2013-06-21 - Ozwater13 ThumbOzwater’13 was held last month at the Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre and this year, focused on ‘Competing for Water in a Climate of Change’. Aquatec Maxcon proudly exhibited a number of products including:

  • Statiflo International’s Gas Dispersion System and Channel Mixer;
  • Trojan UV Disinfection;
  • AquaBlade Membrane Diffuser; and
  • Nereda® Aerobic Granular Sludge.

On behalf of Aquatec Maxcon, Process & Commissioning Engineer, Monita Naicker, also made a Presentation on the Operating Results from the First Full Scale Aerobic Granular Sludge ‘Nereda’ Plant – Epe WWTP.

Aquatec Maxcon congratulates Ozwater’13 organisers for another successful event for the Australian water sector.

Wandoan WWTP

2013-05-17 - Wandoan 2 ThumbWestern Downs Regional Council has awarded Aquatec Maxcon the Design and Construct Contract of a new Waste Water Treatment Plant at the existing Wandoan site for a combined flow of 450m3/day.

The upgrade is required to meet the projected potable water demand of the township of Wandoan. The increase in demand is driven by Xstrata Coal Queensland.

The new Treatment Plant will consist of a new Activated Sludge Treatment Plant with Inlet Works, Grit Channel, Septic Waste Pre-treatment System, Aerobic Solid Digester, Solid Dewatering Equipment, Chemical Dosing System, MCC and associated treatment infrastructure.

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