Mondelēz Industrial Trade Waste Project

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Aquatec Maxcon was engaged by Mondelēz Australia, one of the largest food processing companies in Australia, to upgrade their Trade Waste Treatment Plant in Port Melbourne, Victoria. The new plant is designed to neutralize and control the temperature of the effluent to the South East Water sewer line in order to meet the environmental compliance limits.

Aquatec Maxcon provided a unique design solution by using two 45,000L tanks, with the functions of the two tanks varying dependant on the load volumes. The system also utilizes a unique control solution to neutralize the various batch discharges from the Factory.

The process maintains a constant neutral pH level, regulates the temperature and manages the discharge rate, as to minimize dilution and storage during periods of low production at the Factory.

The main design elements of the industrial waste plant include buffering tanks, mixers, heat exchanger and cooling tower, recirculation pumps and a dedicated chemical dosing system. The chemical neutralization system uses phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and caustic dosing. A specialized chemical is used for Ammonia reduction and odour removal of the waste prior to sewer discharge.

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