Green Power

Aquatec Group Solar Energy Generation System 2

As a leading supplier of environmentally sustainable technologies, Aquatec Maxcon Group has successfully completed the installation of a solar powered generation system on site at its Sydney office.

Supplied and installed by MPA Engineering, the 9.6 kW system is comprised of 96 100W Du Pont Silicon Amorphous Clean Energy Council approved PV panels. The amorphous (thin film) panels were selected due to their increased efficiency and effectiveness in shady and cloudy conditions.

The system is expected to produce approximately 15MWh per year, ensuring 20% of the sites total energy needs is supplied by a renewable source. This also equates to a reduction in GHG emissions of approximately 15.6 CO2-e tonnes annually. The company is also currently installing an additional 3.0 kW solar system on its nearby residential property.

Safety Benchmark

QA Safety Enviro Certifications 2011

A recent Queensland snap inspection of our facilities at Wulkuraka conducted by Queensland Government WH&S inspectors resulted in our receiving the maximum possible rating on every aspect of this inspection. This was the first time that the inspector had ever awarded this score to any company and clearly demonstrates a thoughtful, well implemented system.

This also reflects our recognition as meeting the ISO Safety standard also and its integration into our Quality and Environment management system. It is a pleasing recognition of the ongoing efforts from everyone in the team and the commitment of our company to ensuring world class outcomes which has included zero Lost Time Incidents for more than a year throughout all group companies.

The performance demonstrates the effectiveness of the Company’s integrated management systems which are internationally accredited for Safety, Quality and Environmental outcomes.

Cryogenic Ethylene Storage Tanks


Maxcon Industries and sister company Cryeng, have been selected to deliver 2 cryogenic 250,000L ethylene storage tanks as part of an LNG facility on Curtis Island, Queensland. The project continues the group’s support of the LNG industry following orders for 185,000L LNG tanks for Pluto, Western Australia.

Direct Drive Turbocompressor


Aquatec Maxcon has been the Australasian agent for HV Turbo, the world leader in blowers for biological processes for more than a quarter of a century. The group now known as Siemens Turbomachinery Equipment (STE) have recently released a new generation of machines which further improve the world’s most energy efficient blowers.

The high speed direct drive machines operate on oil free air bearings enabling more compact packaging and reduced fottprint. The machines continue to incorporate STE’s outlet diffuser vanes to control capacity while variable speed motor controls deliver optimised energy consumption. The integrated dual point control system also delivers an unequalled operational range.