Sludge Hydrolysis improves performance

Christies Beach waste water treatment facility has adopted Aquatec Maxcon's innovative CROWN Sludge Hydrolysis technology to improve performance of the sludge digestion process. This will be the first commercial application of this technology in Australia and follows its successful implementation at Auckland North Shore.

  • The benefits of the CROWN sludge disintegrator are:
  • Reduction in sludge volume – typically 20%
  • Increased Biogas yields – typically 30%
  • Improved de-waterability of sludge - typically 3 – 5%
  • Improved digester stability
  • Eliminates foaming and bulking sludge
  • Low capital cost
  • Minimal running cost
  • No specialist maintenance skills required
  • Pre-fabricated for rapid installation
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for applications from 5 m³/hr to 500 m³/hr.

Overall CROWN sludge hydrolysis offers substantially reduced disposal costs while also improving the potential for digesters to generate renewable energy.