Delivering Critical Infrastructure in the Time of COVID-19

Proudly Australian owned and operated, Aquatec Maxcon are the Principal Contractor delivering TasWater’s treatment plant upgrade for the community of Longford.

On behalf of TasWater, Aquatec Maxcon Group and its subcontractors were challenged by the Tasmanian State Government and the State Health Authorities to come up with a plan to deliver this critical infrastructure project without increasing the risk of exposing the Launceston community to COVID-19. The mutually agreeable solution was well thought-out and detailed in its approach. The plan included strict social distancing and increased hygiene practices as well as totally isolating the workforce from Launceston’s locals, including isolation for necessities such as grocery shopping. The workforce was shuttled from their lockdown accommodation to the work site and then back to hotels at the end of the shifts with no stops allowed on route. All meals and any domestic supplies required by staff were delivered by a dedicated supplier who conducted the contactless delivery. These stringent measures served to protect the community of Launceston while also allowing Aquatec Maxcon to complete work as required with minimum disruption. 

Aquatec Maxcon Group was pleased to be part of open and collaborative discussions surrounding the protection of public health in Tasmania. Through implementing a detailed risk assessment process, a safe work methodology was developed that allowed the continuation of the first Nereda® Wastewater Treatment plant in Tasmania under COVID-19 restrictions.

Longford TasWater Aquatec Maxcon 2020

Above: Site photos taken during the end of May, 2020. The Longford site is progressing despite recent setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.