Black Gully Wastewater Treatment Plant

Aquatec Maxcon are pleased to announce our appointment to deliver the new Black Gully Wastewater Treatment Plant (10 000 EP) in Emerald, Queensland for the Central Highlands Regional Council (CHRC). This award offers Aquatec Maxcon the opportunity to continue our long term involvement and support of the site, having supplied the existing surface aerators 20 years ago.

Aquatec Maxcon will be delivering the plant including all civil, mechanical and electrical components of the project which includes inter alia; inlet works, bioreactor, clarifiers, disinfection and associated pump stations, as well as the new waste sludge handling stream, including pre-thickening, aerobic digestion and new sludge drying beds to augment the existing plant.Black Gully WWTP

This award confirms Aquatec Maxcon’s capability and reputation to deliver regional treatment solutions, being of similar scope and nature to projects commissioned in 2016;

  1. Chinchilla STP (10 000EP) for Western Downs Regional Council and
  2. Kingaroy STP (12 500EP) for South Burnett Regional Council.

Aquatec Maxcon appreciates the opportunity to cater for the recent growth in Emerald, and looks forward to a successful partnership with CHRC, CH2M and local businesses to deliver this solution.