North Queensland Water

Aquatec Maxcon has been selected by Brookfield Multiplex and United Utilities Australia to design and construct upgrades to the Douglas Water Treatment Plant, the largest in Townsville. The first stage of these upgrades is expected to be completed by early 2009 with Stage 2 to be completed later that year. The upgrades are expected to cost approximately $8m and to improve the capacity of the plant and also deliver water quality improvements.

Capstone Success

Capstone microturbines have been selected to provide green energy to the Australian National Gallery,
Canberra. The microturbines will deliver efficient power and are also able to provide tri-generation from 'waste heat' from the turbine exhaust. This heat is used to power an absorption chiller to provide the buildings heating and cooling needs. The installation will utilise 4 qty Capstone 65kW units.

The Goods Shed, a prestigious Melbourne redevelopment, has also selected 4 qty Capstone 65kW
microturbines to provide co-generation and emergency power supplies. The highly efficient and reliable generation delivered by Capstone microturbines has been estimated by the Victorian government to be even more effective than solar energy in reducing CO2 emissions.

Project Management Excellence

The Brisbane Water Enviro Alliance (BWEA) has been recognised by the Australian Institute of Project
Management as the Queensland Project of the Year for 2008, continuing the recognition of the performance of this outstanding team which has delivered over $280m of wastewater treatment infrastructure for Brisbane City Council's Brisbane Water. This achievement should be viewed against competition from the largest and most
complex projects currently underway in Queensland, clearly a fantastic recognition.

The achievement of this team has been maintained at the highest level for over 5 years. BWEA has now received more than a dozen awards for excellence from a wide cross section of industry including Institution of Engineers Australia, ACE, PRIA and others, a clear indication of wide recognition of its unwavering commitment to delivering unequalled long term performance across all project deliverables and hence unequalled value to the city.

Coal Seam Methane Water

Arrow Energy has selected Aquatec Maxcon to design and construct a treatment facility to recover high quality water from brackish water removed from its coal seam methane wells on the Darling Downs. The advanced microfiltration and reverse osmosis technologies will enable 2.5Ml/d of water to be recovered and applied for crop irrigation thereby contributing to reducing the load on the Murray Darling River system.

Microturbine Power Station

Origin Energy has selected Capstone Microturbines to deliver 3MW for the first stage of its new Talinga facility.
The Capstone Microturbines will be delivered in containerised 1MW modules, the largest size offered by Capstone and the first of their kind in Australia. Capstone Microturbines were selected after an extensive evaluation determined that the long maintenance interval and high operating efficiency offered by Capstone delivered the lowest whole of life costs. They will also be the largest single Capstone Mictroturbine installation in Australia.

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