Aquatec Maxcon awarded the upgrade of Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant

South Burnett Regional Council has awarded the contract to design & construct the upgrade to Gordonbrook WTP to Aquatec Maxcon.

AQM Circle

 Gordonbrook WTP, located alongside Gordonbrook Dam, provides drinking water to Kingaroy Town, which has a current population of approx. 9,500 people. As a result of prevalent water quality and capacity issues, the plant upgrade will be designed to include:

  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) and THM precursor red
    uction by PAC 
    dosing & contacting, enhanced coagulation and GAC media filtration
  • Bulk solids removal by pre-clarification process
  • Algae and fine solids removal by dissolved airflotation-filtration (DAFF) process
  • Capacity upgrade to 135 L/s inlet capacity, providing up to 9.1 ML per day drinking water to Kingaroy 

Part of the challenge with this project is the seamless integration of the new plant with existing operations, such that water production will not be compromised during the entire course of the contract.
Highlights of technologies to be provided by Aquatec Maxcon include:

  •  Stainless steel lamella plate and sludge collector equipment for the pre-clarification stage
  •   'Statiflo' in line motionless mixers for the coagulant and post chemical mixing applications
  •   New low-profile stainless steel lateral type filter underdrain systems to facilitate deeper filter media bed depth