Glenmore Pump Station Upgrade

2013-08-26 - Glenmore ThumbRockhampton Regional Council recently awarded Aquatec Maxcon the first stage of a two stage project to upgrade the High Lift Pump Station located at Glenmore Water Treatment Plant.

Stage One involves a complete overhaul of the pumping station’s electrical equipment. This includes the current switchboard, transformers, cables, switch gear and programmable logic controller components. Aquatec Maxcon will also be constructing a new building onsite to contain the new switchgear and VSD’s.

Stage Two involves the mechanical upgrade of the pump station including horizontal split-case pumps, 800kW motors and interconnecting pipework.

The pump station is currently capable of pumping 70ML/day and when Stage Two is complete, the new system will be able to pump 170ML/day. One of the main design requirements of this project is to upgrade the pump station so that it will be the most efficient that it can possibly be. Aquatec Maxcon are continuously designing and constructing projects with emphasis on efficiency, quality and cost which leads to significant savings for Clients over the lifespan of the project.

Aquatec Maxcon looks forward to working with Rockhampton Regional Council to deliver a successful project.