Odour Treatment Partnership with BioAir Solutions

2013-02-14 - Product Collage ThumbThe latest addition to the Aquatec Maxcon range of technologies concerns odour treatment.

Aquatec Maxcon and BioAir Solutions from the USA are pleased to announce that Aquatec Maxcon is the non-exclusive agent for the sales and distribution of BioAir’s state of the art odour treatment technologies in Australia. The technologies that will be offered to the market are the EcoFilter® biotrickling filter, EcoPure® two-stage odour treatment, EcoPure® Mini (a small version of the EcoPure®) and the EcoCarb® adsorbent media filter.

These odour control technologies are typically applied within the municipal, industrial and sludge treatment markets as well as specific production plant applications including abattoirs and chemical industries. The size of the odour treatment units vary from small skid-mounted systems designed to provide odour control at pump stations, to systems sized for very large sewage plants such as inlet works, anaerobic wastewater treatment facilities, or specific industries.

Odour control and treatment is becoming increasingly important in the wastewater industry and other industrial facilities. Odour treatment is required in many of our projects and this partnership with BioAir Solutions will further improve our service capabilities to our Clients.

For more information, please see Odour Control.