Leading safety by example; ten more employees attain Cert IV in WHS

Congratulations to our latest ten employees who have attained a Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety (WHS).

The Aquatec Maxcon Group is commited to workplace health and safety and promoting a safety culture of continual improvement.

One of our most successful WHS initiatives has been the introduction of a training program to deliver Cert IV WHS accreditation to our company leaders throughout the organisation. In this way, our leaders improve their safety awareness and appreciate and understand their WHS responsibilities, helping them to more safely execute projects. Since its inception, this initiative has seen improved project safety performance and more positive attitudes towards health and safety leadership.

To date, 25 company leaders have completed this training, with one general manager and nine project managers/senior engineers completing the Cert IV course in February.

Some of the key health and safety areas covered by this course are:

  • Australian Standards and relevant regulations and legislation
  • Risk assessment and hazard control
  • WHS management systems
  • WHS consultation and participation processes (identifying participants, reviewing  procedures, ascertaining training needs, communicating data, developing improvement initiatives)
  • WHS leadership skills
  • Incident response procedures
  • Assisting in incident investigations
  • Managing claims and implementing rehabilitation / return-to-work programs
  • Establishing, reviewing and evaluating WHS measures and initiatives.

The Aquatec Maxcon Group Quality, Safety and Environmental (QSE) Manager, Christine Howland, said “This initiative actively encourages positive project and safety leadership. Our project leaders can lead by example, “walk the talk” and promote a positive safety culture with the tools and knowledge gained through the completion of this course.”