Waste to Energy Facility, multiple award winner

Yarra Valley Water’s Waste to Energy facility won the award for “Outstanding Corporate/Institution Initiative in Collection/Processing Marketing” at the 2017 Victorian Australian Organics Recycling Association (AORA) Awards, held 23rd August 2017. 

The Australian first facility was recognised for:

  • Widening the scope of oganics processing beyond just composting
  • An envrionmentally friendly disposal solution for commercial organic waste
  • Attracting significant media focus on both the challenges and opportunities in organics processing

The purpose-built facility converts organic waste such as food scraps, into renewable energy.  This occurs via the production of methane gas (biogas) which powers generators to produce electricity.

Aquatec Maxcon partnered with Yarra Valley Water to develop and design the plant and completed the construction in December 2016.  Since that time, the plant has been operating beyond expectation, producing enough electricity to power itself, the adjacent Aurora Sewage Treatment Plant and export surplus electricity to the grid as renewable energy; making the facility not just environmentally sustainable but also commercially viable.  

Anthony Davey, Victorian State Manager for Aquatec Maxcon offered his congratulations to Yarra Valley Water, saying “It is a great achievement to be recognised by the industry in this manner. We are very happy to have contributed to this award-winning plant.  This award means we are setting high standards for the future of waste to energy in Australia”.

YVW plant th 

On 5th July 2017, the Yarra Valley Water WtE plant also won the “Best International commercial plant” by the British Anaerobic Digestion Association (ADBA) at the UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards.  Weltec Biopower, were honoured to receive the award.   Aquatec Maxcon partnered with Weltec Biopower, a European pioneer in the field of biogas, to introduce this innovative technology to the Australian water industry.

Visit here, to read more about the award:  http://www.weltec-biopower.com/news/article/weltec-biopower-wins-two-adba-industry-awards.html