Glenmore Water Treatment Plant High Lift Pump Station Upgrade


Aquatec Maxcon were engaged by Rockhampton Regional Council to upgrade the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Glenmore QLD. The original plant, built just after 1970, had problems with its existing pumping system being under capacity. Our solution for this was a complete upgrade of pumps and electrical power systems LV and HV, which would enable the High Lift Pump Station to meet the pumping requirements foreseen for the next 20 years. 

Aquatec Maxcon commenced operations in mid-2013, and has since completed the full electrical and mechanical upgrade of the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant. The operation of the plant has been optimised to the highest level to prevent the power consumption levels peaking, with our upgrades and clever design gaining the council a saving of 30% on power in comparison to the old billing.

As the plant was still in operation whilst the works were in progress, a 100M/L per day to the region had to be maintained closely with the council to ensure everything continued to run smoothly.

Due for completion in March 2016, the plant features:

PLC copysmall

  • Four new pumps powered by ABB 755kW motors
  • New instruments for feedback to help monitor the new system
  • Transformers upgraded to 3500KVA with twin supply feeders
  • Back feed 1250KVA generator with a step up transformer- in case of electrical supply outage during cyclone season
  • New switch room to house all new electrical equipment – raised above the Q200 flood level which had previously had great difficulties on this site
  • New HV and LV switch gear
  • New PLC 

This upgrade has given the plant an increased pumping capacity, allowing a supply of at least 140 ML and reduced power consumption to meet the current and future needs of the surrounding community.