Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant

Gordonbrook WTP

Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant Upgrade project, design and constructed by Aquatec Maxcon is now treating drinking water for township of Kingaroy to the highest standard. New water treatment process is treating challenging raw water to high quality drinking water. This project was funded by Queensland State Government and now fully operated by South Burnett Regional Council operations staff.

South Burnett Regional Council Water and Wastewater Manager Nerida Airs:

“The new DAFF plant has proven extremely effective in improving water quality for the residents of Kingaroy and surrounds with consistently very low turbidly <0.1 NTU, reduced THM production and significantly reduced chlorine demand. This is thanks to the compact but robust design by AQM utilising MRI lamella plates to reduce the pre-treatment footprint and AWI underdrains to reduce the DAFF unit heights making a compact and pre-packaged DAFF solution a reality.”