Wynnum WRP

The BWEA project has been expanded to include a further plant at Wynnum using the same technology as those constructed for Sandgate, Oxley Creek and Wacol, all of which are now on line and providing excellent water quality which will enhance the water quality of the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.

Engineering Excellence

The outstanding project management of the Sandgate team has been recognised by the presentation of the Engineers Australia Excellence Award 2006 for the Sandgate project. Congratulations to the project manager, Peter Ferrando, and the entire BWEA team!

Water Alliance

Aquatec Maxcon together with MWH Australia have been selected as the preferred proponent for the Brisbane Caboolture Aquifer Alliance. This project will deliver 10 water treatment plants to augment Southeast Queensland water supplies as part of the government's drought abatement strategy. The project will commence to deliver water to the grid before the end of June, 2007 and will be contributing up to 30ML/d before the end of 2007. This is Aquatec Maxcon's seventh consecutive successful alliance.

Horseshoe Bay

The Horseshoe Bay membrane bioreactor has been commissioned and is consistently delivering excellent quality water for irrigation of the dry tropics wetland on the island foreshore. Commissioning was completed ahead of schedule and met quality requirements in record time.

The project has been very well received by the Magnetic Island community and was recently awarded the trophy for Best Public Sector Communication Program, Asia Pacific 2006, in addition to receiving widespread recognition through a number of other awards.