Westbury WTP

2012-10-26 News ThumbBen Lomond Water operates the drinking water supply system for the towns of Westbury and Hagley. The current water supply system consists of a raw water supply, a 130 ML open raw water storage reservoir, chlorine gas disinfection plant, sodium fluoride (as Fluorodose) fluoridation plant, as well as a reticulation system.

Ben Lomond Water is committed to the construction of a new Water Treatment Plant (WTP) that shall replace the existing treatment chlorine and fluoridation plants. The new WTP shall be constructed adjacent to the open raw water storage reservoir on land owned by Ben Lomond Water.

Aquatec Maxcon was chosen as the preferred tenderer due to our track record with DAFF technology.

The scope of the project involves the construction of a new in-filter dissolved air floatation plant with a treated water production design capacity of 3.1 ML/day. The treatment process includes the following process unit operations and associated chemicals:

  • Coagulation – Liquid alum;
  • Flocculation;
  • Dissolved air flotation and filtration (DAFF);
  • Filtered water balancing;
  • Disinfection – Chlorine gas;
  • Fluoridation – Sodium fluoride (supplied as Fluorodose);
  • pH correction – Hydrated lime;
  • Filter backwashing;
  • Wash water balancing;
  • Sludge thickening; and
  • Sludge dewatering.