Cryeng Pty Ltd

Aquatec Maxcon's sister company, Cryeng Pty Ltd, has recently undergone a corporate restructure with a new management team comprising of professional engineers, cryogenic veterans and centralised fabrication services by Maxcon Industries. Together with the Aquatec Environment branch of companies (Maxcon Industries, Aquatec Maxcon, Aquatec Servies & MPA Engineering), Cryeng Pty Ltd has enhanced work
efficiencies enabling specialisation in engineering design, R&D and project management in the oil & gas, nuclear and cryogenics fields.

Their most recent project has seen successful delivery of two 185,000L LIN tanks for Pluto LNG project in Western Australia, with another 185,000L LIN tank due for delivery in December this year.

Other recent developments include:

  • A full stainless steel ISO container which conforms to AS 1210, ADR/RID (2009), IMDG (2008), CSC, ISO 1496-3 (1995), TC, TIR and Lloyd's Register CCS.
  • Positive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) results reflect the safety and structural integrity Cryeng P/L cryogenic tanks. A 300kL vertical cryogenic tank, 4.3m in diameter and 28m tall is able to withstand conservative conditions of seismic and cyclone events combined.